Why I Started A Clean Beauty Brand

This is a story all about how my life got flipped & turned upside down. Well, not upside down but maybe right-side up? The story about why I started my own clean beauty line & how I want my passion to change the lives of others. Hope y’all are ready to get nice & personal!! 
During my teen years I was diagnosed with the condition Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, which, in English, means I have cysts in my ovaries. Well as a result of this, I have major hormone imbalances. While this is something I’ve lived with ever since puberty, I had discovered that beauty products I started using early on were full of hormone disruptors, making my condition that much worse. I started gaining weight, became depressive & moody, had acne EVERYWHERE, & had testosterone levels that were too high for a girl my age. 
As life went on, these issues followed me into high school, where my confidence was easily shot down by how I felt every day. I’ll admit, comparison to other girls became a shadow, “I’m so fat” or “they have such clear skin I wish I did” or “I want to feel happy with myself” were thoughts that ran through my head often & for a long time. 
It wasn’t until college  when I realized that I shouldn’t be saying these things to myself or comparing what I was to others. I mean come on, what!!! I’m 17 & putting myself down in such terrible ways. I never heard these things from others, I’ve never said these things to others, so why was it okay to say these things to myself? 
Wanting a fresh start to a new me, I did something every other basic girl looking to make something of herself would do: moved to LA. This helped kick start my new clean & health conscious lifestyle. Eating better, walking everywhere, & a change in scenery helped some of my symptoms out but I was still having some issues when I shouldn’t have been. I had changed nearly everything in my life except for my beauty routine. Could it really be possible that the products I was using were still causing issues for me? Thus began my intensive journey into the beauty world.
My move across the country, while inspired by a fresh start, was prompted by my acceptance to FIDM for their beauty industry major. I was on a mission to join a beauty brand that would take hormonal issues & clean ingredients into consideration when formulating. I wanted to be part of the change in the beauty world for more honest & clean products that I wish were more prominent on the market for those like me looking for positive changes. I soon realized in my studies, that being honest & having quality products was not the priority when formulating for most companies; the dollar figure always mattered the most. As a consumer, having quality products meant a lot to me. But as a college student balling on a budget? Price meant equally as much & sometimes won the battle when it came to purchasing.
It always irked me to see these great companies creating clean products for the steal price of only $70!! For like one ounce of product!!! What kind of bs is that? I know the saying “you get what you pay for” but to be honest if I’m paying $210 for 3 items I hope I’m getting a decent size for it! 
It was around then that I realized, as an entry level employee, are these companies really going to hear me out? It’ll probably be years until I can make a change like that. Why should I wait for someone else when I could start my changes as soon as possible? And then came 2nd KIND. I took everything that I had learned in school, from mentors, & good ole Google, to start my own business. 
With starting my own business I wanted to offer more than just the product. Yes, a sale is great & worth celebrating, but it shouldn’t always be about that. I wanted my brand to be able to offer a path for other people to discover a love for themselves that they’ve never even known. A self love so deep that it can’t be shaken by thoughts of comparison or negative talk. No matter your age, physical appearance, or emotional state, no one should allow themselves to get to a point where they're speaking unkindly towards the person in the mirror. A love for yourself will allow your life to blossom in so many ways!
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