Top 5 Benefits of the Youth Serum

A lot of people, not just women, are going crazy about Vitamin C Serums. It appears that there are scientifically proven reasons to make this trend valid and acceptable. It will not just give you that usual “Healthy-Glow” tag line, most vitamins and brands were promising BUT it can definitely give you more than what you can ever imagine.

Camu Camu + Aloe Vera Vitamin C Serum

Before you rush to your favorite store, let us guide you through the Top 5 Benefits of Vitamin C Serum. We assure you, you will fall head over hills with this product, in no time!


  1. GREEN BEAUTY - What triggers your inner beauty guru? Let us guess, that will be of course the word ‘NATURAL;’. Vitamin C Serums are made from 100% nature.

Vitamin C, which is the main component of this beauty product, can be found in many fruits and vegetables. We know what you are thinking, don’t get us wrong. Eating oranges is a totally different story!

Yes, you may walk away from the juice section, please.

Vitamin C


If it’s organic why can’t I get the same results when I eat foods with vitamin c?

Or when I try to apply citrus fruits directly to my skin?

These are all common questions and are all understandable. To explain, ingesting vitamin c is a great way to get your daily dose right, for the whole body in general. But applying it as a serum, and as a part of your skin care regimen every now and then helps you achieve its maximum effect. It’s formulated specifically for skin use.

Vitamin C is also acid, so consuming too much by mouth because of this myth may just cause hyperacidity. An effect contrary when applied as a serum directly to your skin.

  1. ANTIOXIDANT RICH - There’s a reason why it’s also called the youth serum. It’s the only beauty product that creates continuous effects due to its nutritional effects. It also adjusts to your body’s spectrum. It will hydrate your face naturally, slowly and surely. It can also lighten your skin and heal scars. It also improved dark under-eyes.


Are all Vitamin C Serums created equally?

No, not with the same formula. Choose wisely, if there are some uncertainties and discomfort you can always ask advice from your dermatologist. It’s a case by case scenario, not all skins will react the same, 100%.

  1. HELP REDUCE REDNESS - Some may think that vitamin c serums will just worsen some skin conditions. Acid is a natural characteristic of vitamin C but let us tell you this -  It’s a big NO! Vitamin C serums are actually used medically to treat a huge variety of inflammatory skin conditions. Unless confirmed by your dermatologist, and unless you feel discomfort, remain patient and you will notice improvements.


Will it help lifelong skin diseases like psoriasis and eczema?

Fair question. Like what we’ve said, it is used medically, this simply means being assisted by a doctor if you have serious and chronic skin illnesses. In most cases, yes it does because Vitamin C Serums are known to heal and rejuvenate skin.

  1. PROMOTES COLLAGEN - If you are one of those people who are gloriously drinking collagen liquids once or twice a day, you need to update your fairy tale. Even Fairy Godmother knows that you can get the same benefit by just including a vitamin C serum into your skincare regimen. It is more economical, convenient, with added value to your budget. The 1 Serum that can do a lot.


Why is collagen important?

It's very important because it helps our body heal wounds. It also nourishes dead skin cells. It may sound simple but it is vital to our everyday lives. Yeah, that’s why you feel that firm, glowing skin after applying some serum to your face.

  1. PREVENTS SKIN SAGGING - If you prefer the youthful look without the pain and the needles, going for the vitamin C serum is the way to go! Since Vitamin C promotes collagen, which is tied to skin firmness and elasticity, this one product can definitely help you achieve better skin tightening. It may not be as fast as what injections can offer you, but it is safer and more natural.


Consistency is the key for visible effects. Add it to your regimen and stay faithful to it for a few weeks, months or whenever you think it’s necessary. It works well at night than to use it against sunlight where you can sweat. Use SPF to protect your pores and skin from being damaged again.

These are all based on feedback, research, experience, and RESULTS. It may work for me but it may be different for you. This content is created to simply inspire and empower people to use better options. Anyone is free to discontinue if discomfort occurs.


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