Skin Gym Time!

 Summer is a wonderful thing, but it comes with the catch of striving for a perfect summer body. Many of us work out tirelessly for a flat stomach and toned legs, but have you considered that what people see first is your skin?

There are tons of ways to get that summer glow but working out will start the change from within. When your heart starts pumping and the blood starts flowing, your skin will begin to produce natural oils that will moisturize the skin without an excess production.

Working Out for Summer Skin

As you work out your body is consistently building and tightening muscles. The same is true for your skin. Your body will start to tighten your skin and become firmer, thus reducing wrinkles! An added bonus? Your body upping collagen production. Working out is definitely a key part of remaining pro-youth.

As much as one may despise sweating, it actually does amazing things for you. Sweat can help your skin loosen stubborn clogged pores and toxins. This means that you will be at a lower risk for acne and your skin will visibly be healthier. After you work up a sweat make sure to shower and wash off the dirt with a cleanser or it will lead to your pores staying clogged.

Fitness is about creating a healthy version of yourself, and skincare is a huge part of that. Make this a summer of confidence and beauty! Stay fresh, love!


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