Radiate Beauty Inside & Out

Something got you down? Woke up in a rut today? Or just straight up haven't been acting like the bad @$$ you know you are? You may not be feeling your absolute best right now but there one simple way to stay at the top of your ‘most-attractive-human-being’ list, without sweating it too much. This secret is not expensive, it doesn’t cost anything much too. It does not even require so much effort or thinking. It’s just genuine GRATITUDE for life.

Yes, you’ve read that right. This beauty secret is all about something we should nourish as we grow older. If your internal positive qualities shine, it will easily reflect through your physical form. It will radiate like as if, you just danced under a fairy’s pixie dust. Sounds like a con? NO! Let’s not forget the quote that holds it all: “BEAUTY LIES FROM WITHIN.”

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Here’s a quick list to inspire you to become the best version of yourself.

  1. ACCEPTANCE - Yes we need to be positive in order to get through life happily but sometimes, it’s not all about that. It’s also about acceptance that helps us stay satisfied in life. If we will be able to accept that we are not perfect, that there will always be people better than us, we’d learn to love ourselves more. Learn to accept your limits and you’d find yourself achieving more.
  2. SELF FORGIVENESS - Past issues are inevitable visitors. Though uninvited, it will always come to haunt our everyday lives to disrupt our confidence and peace. Though this is something that is not easy to do, learn to forgive yourself from past mistakes and sadness. Self-forgiveness will help you have an innate inner-glow to enjoy and turn things around in the future.
  3. SELF LOVE -  You can’t fill from an empty cup. Same with self-love, people can never accept us for who we are if we don’t love ourselves enough. Learn to improve, to be happy, to be better not for anyone or anything but for YOU.
  4. HEALTHY LIVING - There’s only one place we can always return to and that is ourselves. Healthy living doesn’t just cover a NATURAL SKINCARE, what we eat and do physically, but it also gives emphasis to what we think, feel and do to others. It is best to establish a healthy environment, relationships, and emotion as an individual. Learn to pick the best options for your health. EG: Amethyst Toner
  5. RESPECT - It is something we earn as an individual. It’s not something we can impose or endorse to other people. Be the kind of person who doesn’t need to ask for it and you will get yours and a heaping, eventually.

Looking great physically is something we all aspire to achieve. It’s human nature and it is understandable. We live in a world where we share everything and sometimes, validation from people around us is important to evaluate our life as an individual. Just don’t forget to aim for realness as we all live our own life and we would want one that is our own. We are not in this world to live someone else’s life. Your priority is wellness and if you have it, be happy and BE GRATEFUL.


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