Let's talk Breast Cancer Prevention

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Hello everyone! As most of you may know this month is Breast Cancer Awareness month, our hearts are with those fighting the fight. We send our love & support out to each of you & along with your loved ones! 

I wanted to go into an extremely important subject this week: how cosmetics can contribute to breast cancer & what you can change in your beauty routine to assist with prevention. 

First up, we can't just trust that companies are looking out for us so it is very important we begin to educate ourselves on ingredients in our products. Let's discuss things to look for. 

Starting with Parabens. These guys are typically used in beauty products for the preservation of the goop. Bad news though, they can be major hormone disruptors. Keep an eye out for names like methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, etc. in your ingredient lists when you pick your next fav back up!

Next I would like to dig into Aluminum. This can most commonly be found in deodorants that are extremely fragrant. Now I know that finding a good natural deodorant can be difficult but Target has been stocking some pretty good brands!

PFOA is a contaminant of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) an ingredient used to create a smooth finish on some cookware and personal care products. PFOA is found in many anti-aging products and has been linked to cancer.

Fragrance is a big no, no! I hear you those floral scents and sweet smells are SO intoxicating! It is dangerous though! The FDA does not require the ingredients in a fragrance to be listed out. Many of those divine smells are carcinogenic. Look for items that have natural fragrance such as essential oils or organic ingredients in lieu of a synthetic fragrance.

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Here are some products you should definitely consider making the switch for:

  • Deo for the B.O. Because your armpits are so close to your gals, it’s important to make sure you’re not making it easier for your tissue to receive chemicals that will cause harm. A  brand with a safe ingredient label is Stinkbug Naturals. They are easy to find at stores like Walmart, Kroger & online.
  • Body Wash/Soap. This is me standing on my SOAP BOX (haha get it) about what you’re using to wash your body. Natural body washes & soaps are important to incorporate into your routine simply because it’s one of your most frequently used products in your entire routine. Using harsh chemicals everyday directly in areas that are susceptible to these ingredients is not helpful to maintain prevention. Try switching out brands like Dial & Dove with an organic body soap. Etsy, your local farmers markets & many of your small owned businesses carry these. woman in milk bath
  • Facial Care. As mentioned links between ingredients in anti-aging products to breast cancer have been found. Swap out brands like L'Oreal & Cover Girl with a natural alternative. 2nd KIND's Kyanite + Lotus Extract Serum & Camu Camu + Aloe Vera Serum are great options for that pro-youth look. 
  • Lotion/Moisturizers. This is an important staple to be sure your using clean alternatives in as well. A good switch could be to a product with less & clean ingredients, or to an oil with natural ingredients for an intense moisture & shine! Taking your beauty routine seriously is so much more important for our health than we would think! Our skin can absorb 65-75% of what is put onto it, so make sure your using the good stuff. Dr. Bronner's lotion is a safe swap for Jergen's or brands like them. 

  • cosmetic bag with items scatteredChanging up your normal beauty routine can be difficult & yes expensive but so necessary for your health. I’m not saying you have to rush right now & throw everything in your cabinets & shelves away, just have an open mind and switch out as you go to make your re-stock purchases. Think about it, changing your products is a lot cheaper than medical bills. 

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