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Why should I use 2nd KIND products instead of other brands?

Here's some of our favorite reasons that you should:

-Female ran business started by our founder Kristin along with her mom & sister (read more about us here)

-Esthetician formulated & approved

-Small batch & handmade with love for consumers by consumers (aka 2nd KIND Team, we use them too!)

-Reasonable pricing (nothing over $35) AND free standard shipping? Count me in!

-Ethically sourced ingredients & packaging

-Extensively researched clean & honest ingredients that give results

-Access to a community that will support & build you up!

What does "natural" mean to you & why should I use a natural product?

The term natural can be over used & misleading at times in the green beauty industry. To us natural is an ingredient that is derived from our planet, well naturally. Now we do agree not all things in nature are good for you, we wouldn't put poison oak on our skin would we? We only use ingredients that have been tested throughout time to have positive results. Remember, our skin is our largest organ & we are surrounded daily by toxins we can't control. Why would we want to lather ourselves with items where we don't know how the ingredients came to be? With fewer ingredients that are free of potentially irritating chemicals, we help reduce the risk of skin irritation & long term negative effects. The essential oils/botanical's used in our products consist of vitamins that nourish our skin outside-in. 

Are you organic certified?

Unfortunately, we are not organic certified. We do have the mindfulness to look for ingredients that are sourced as organically as possible, but they are not all certified. Ingredients that do have USDA Organic certifications are marked with an * in the ingredient list on the product page. 

Why do you use crystals in the products?

There have been a numerous amount of studies conducted that prove that our thoughts, emotions, & energies run on different waves of frequencies. Crystals are a great way to help control & balance these frequencies to help guide you to a better thought, emotion, or intention. We've charged some of our specially curated products with the energy & frequencies that these crystals run on to give you a balanced aura.

How do you use crystals in the products?

The crystals in our featured skincare line just like our ingredients are pure and have been soaked in sea salt to ensure they are cleansed both physically and spiritually for your skin and aura. Some products like the Amethyst + Lavender Toner have an actual stone in the product. We charge the products by soaking the crystal in each small batch.

Are your products vegan?

Our line is 100% vegan with no animal testing whatsoever. 

Do you test on animals?

Absolutely not & never will! In fact we are Leaping Bunny approved!  Meaning not only do we NOT test on animals neither do any of our ingredient suppliers, also pledging they never will. We love animals & preventing animal cruelty is a very important part of our company morals. All products are tested on humans, family, friends & strangers who volunteer. 

Do your products contain gluten?

None of our products contain gluten or gluten-derived ingredients.

Do your products contain any nut oils?

Yes, our Brazilian Clay + Lavender Cleanser has Argan Oil. Sweet Almond Oil is in our Celestite + Grapefruit Cleansing Oil & Kyanite + Lotus Extract Serum. While our Ground Coffee + Cocoa does not contain nuts the Cocao is packaged in a facility containing peanuts. While neither have reported any irritation for those with nut allergies we found it important to disclose. We recommend consulting your doctor first if you have a nut allergy. 

Are you palm oil free?

Yes! We do NOT use any palm oil in our products or support companies that source it.

Are your products safe to use during pregnancy?

Our bodies react differently during pregnancy to things we may have been fine with before. Please read over the ingredient list of each product you are interested in. We always recommend you consult your physician to be sure our products aligns with your pregnancy.  

Do you use preservatives?

Our products really are all-natural and we do not use any unnatural (chemical) preservatives. Many of our products are self-preserving. (meaning they contain little to no water, creating an unfriendly environment for bacteria to grow.) It is important to be safe, I'd rather use a product with a preservative than mold. Anytime a preservative is needed we use antioxidants, naturally derived preservatives such as Vitamin E, Citrus combo preservative, Caprylhydroxamic Acid (derived from coconut oil) to extend the shelf life & keep the oils in their most potent form. This is a lot healthier & less harsh on your body.

In the rare case that you purchase an item and find it is not at its freshest, please contact us so we can handle this on a case-by-case basis. 

What is the shelf life of a natural product if a chemical preservative isn't used?

The majority of our products have a shelf-life of 12 months. Not all products consist of the same ingredients, so the shelf life of each product varies. All of our products have an easy to read expiration listed on the label. We do suggest keeping our products out of direct sunlight and at room temperature or below. This will hep to extend the shelf life to its fullest potential. 

I noticed that some of your products contain citrus essential oils or ingredients (like Camu Camu), do they cause photo-sensitivity?

No, the citrus ingredients we use have been tested & had no direct correlation to causing any photosensitivity.

Should I test the product before full application?

Yes. Everyone is unique & skin reactions can be unpredictable. We suggest always reading the ingredients of our products first, then testing a product when using it for the first time, whether it is ours or another supplier. Just apply a small amount to a discrete area looking for any odd reaction prior to your normal application. Always follow the suggested use of the product.

The price on my favorite product changed, why?

Because we use fresh ingredients to make our wonderful products, the prices for them vary. We do our very best to make sure they are sourced from the same vendors with similar pricing, but we cannot control the demand for certain ingredients!

Where do you get your materials from?

We research to make sure each supplier aligns with our ethics. When possible, we buy our ingredients from local (Dallas, TX) suppliers. The majority are sourced from within the United States.

Are your products made in the United States?

Yes, all of our products are made in small batches in McKinney, Texas. 

Where can I find/try/smell 2nd KIND products?

Pop-up events! You can find us popping up around the Dallas-Fort-Worth, TX area. Occasionally, we take it on the road & can be found around the big state of Texas and other parts of the U.S., click here for our pop-up schedule.

We will also be adding retail stores, so keep checking back! If you have a local store in mind that you'd love to see us at, let us know by emailing us at

Do you sell your products internationally?

It is in the works for the future. Currently we only sell within the United States.

My promo-code isn't working, help!

Don't stress. Technical issues happen all the time to all of us!  Discount codes are case sensitive. If this still doesn't work, shake it off, finalize your cart, and just click submit! Shoot a quick email to with your code to see if it matches an active one for a reimbursement of the discount! Please note that the promo code may be expired & that’s why it could not work & we sadly won’t be able to refund. We apologize for the inconveniences and troubles that technology brings, but your discount code will still be valid if it is used properly and within its expiration date. 

Can I buy wholesale for an event?

We offer discounted rates for special occasions, events, clients, or staff gifting for excessive quantity orders. Let us know which products and how many you're interested in. 

Do you offer wholesale to physical/online retail boutiques, spas and estheticians?

Yes, we offer wholesale to all of the above. If you are interested in carrying our line of products, complete the wholesale application here. 

What is your discounts, shipping and/or returns policy?

You can find detailed information for shipping/returns here.

Products for Me

How do you know these products work for people?

Not only have we received AMAZING feedback on how great people who use our products skin has become, but our staff uses them too. They've also been carefully formulated by our Founder, Kristin! She has received her degree in Beauty Industry Marketing from FIDM & has done extensive research on the skin's functions. In addition, to her education and consistent self-study she is a an esthetician licensed by the state of Texas.

Is each product meant for a certain skin type?

All of our products, with the exception of our French Green Clay Mask, are good for all skin types! We only say our French Green Clay Mask isn't for those with extremely sensitive skin (ex: fair skin complexions, immediate redness from any & all products) & grass allergies (we use lemongrass essential oil).

This is my first time buying, where do I start?

We suggest you start with the Brazilian Clay + Lavender Cleanser! It's great for all skin types, makes skin baby bottom soft, & can be used as a face mask as well. :)

I have dry skin, what product(s) are best for me?

We recommend you invest in our Amethyst + Lavender Toner & Camu Camu + Aloe Vera Serum! The toner puts hydration back into your skin & the serum improves moisture retention to keep water locked in.

We also suggest our Kyanite + Lotus Extract Serum as a night oil for deeper moisturisation. Because the molecule size in oils/serums are smaller than those of cream moisturizers, it can hydrate much better!

What product(s) are good for oily/acne prone skin?

We have a few that so many people have found helped their skin:

  • Our Black Obsidian + Charcoal Scrub when used 3-4 times a week is amazing for clearing pores, & because we use a natural cane sugar exfoliant it won't tear the skin!
  • For acne, our French Green Clay + Lemongrass Facial Mask mixed with aloe vera gel works WONDERS as an overnight spot treatment. Our Founder, Kristin, personally uses this technique to make any blemish back off!
  • For oily skin, the Celestite + Grapefruit Oil Cleansing Oil is amazing for calming it down. So many people think putting oils on oily skin is bad but oils LOVE oils. By using a cleansing oil, your providing your skin with healthy oils it may lack (which is why it over produces sebum) & balancing out the oil production.

I have a normal skin type, which product(s) will keep it balanced?

For a cleanser, our Brazilian Clay + Lavender Clay Cleanser is the best. This product doesn't take away from or increase oils on any balanced skin! Use this every other day so your skin doesn't build a tolerance.

For a mask, we recommend our Ground Coffee + Cocoa Mask is great to get that weekly exfoliation in! We suggest using it once but no more than twice a week for normal skin.

If you're looking for a refresher, our Amethyst + Lavender Toner is glorious. It's such a nice little pick me up when you wake up or after a workout!

Do you have any anti-aging products?

We here at 2nd KIND like to use the more friendly term "pro-youth". While we wish we could prevent aging (if we could stop aging we'd tell everyone how), we do offer products that will help you age gracefully! 

  • Our Ground Coffee + Cocoa Facial Mask has bentonite clay which is a great ingredient for firming the skin.
  • The Camu Camu + Aloe Vera Serum has multiple ingredients such as a vegetable based glycerin, camu camu, & aloe vera that are pro-youth & help visibly reduce fine lines!

When is the best time to apply facial oil (our Kyanite Serum)? Can I wear makeup over facial oil?

We suggest using our facial oil at night to have glowing & hydrated skin the next morning for makeup applications! If you do choose to wear this oil underneath makeup, we recommend using a smaller amount & using a BB cream or a light-weight foundation.

Is it safe to use your products alongside Retinol products?

Our products contain nurturing, hydrating and nourishing ingredients that support the health and resiliency of skin that is exposed to retinol products.

I notice the cleansers don't produce a lot of bubbles, are they not cleaning/working?

Most cleansers actually add chemical ingredients such as “sodium lauryl sulfate” in order to produce a more foamy, lathery feel. Chemicals like this can be very harsh and damage the skin, in turn making it dryer.

Small bubbles and creamy lather for soap and cleansers are highly recommended! We use a natural castile soap that lightly foams in our Black Obsidian + Charcoal Facial Scrub to cleanse your face of grime & debris in a much softer way.

Do you guys carry makeup/color cosmetics?

At the moment we do not make or sell any color cosmetics. We did write a blog post about all of our favorite natural & non toxic brands that our Founder uses & personally recommends! Read about them here.

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