What is a Facial Bar?

 The idea of a facial bar was inspired by my mom & aunt, who have a special night together they call "Sister Date". Monthly, the two find new things to do where they can be together & catch up while having some fun. Going to a spa is rarely on their radar because while relaxing, you are separated from the people you attend with when your time comes up. My first job was being a hostess for dress up parties for little girls, & one day when they were trying to decide what to do it came to me. Why don't adults have a fun interactive experience like this too? Then, the facial bar was born!

There's no need to whisper as you come in like you would at a spa setting. Party-comers are welcome to grab a beverage of choice (duh, cocktails are an option), take a seat & get ready to get your glow on! Through a self-service facial experience you & your friend(s) will be able to customize your facial with various 2nd KIND products. One of which is a detoxifying clay-based facial mask that's mixed up fresh just for you, by you. Choose from three clay masks and rotating mask mixers such as aloe vera, fresh juices, various oils. You'll leave with glowing skin + fresh techniques to use at home, as well as your very own mask brush and a 1 oz face dry mask. To make it even better all products for the facial bar are handmade, with botanical ingredients.

This experience will last from 45-60 minutes. Up to 16 seats available per session. 

Come alone or with your tribe! Either way, you're sure to have a good time. 


Natural Skincare Products- Self-Made Cosmetics


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