Our Favorite Women Owned Businesses to Shop This International Women’s Day

As a business ran by women, we here at 2nd KIND love to push & support other brands that are fiercely ran by some badass ladies.

(Click the images to shop!)

Sarah Briggs Jewelry

This casual chic brand is ran by one of our favorite boss babes Sarah Briggs. Her jewelry embodies their mission of providing laid back luxe because there’s no excuse to not have beautiful jewelry on!

DefineMe Fragrance

This fragrance brand is beautiful on the inside out. Not only are the scents gorgeously formulated, this company also donates portions to organizations that help educate girls. Even more reason to make this your #1 perfumer!

Aether Beauty

Supercharged Sustainable Cosmetics at its finest. This crystal infused makeup line is our go to for additional vibrational beauty (perfect pair with our Vibrational Beauty Skincare Line). Her products are vegan, cruelty-free, organic & fair-trade, all values that we strongly support!


This fashion brand is great at empowering other women & making bold fashion choices. The women who started this brand give such great outfit inspiration & many different ways to help inspire how to accessorize all of the pieces they have to offer!


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