Get Your Skin Saying “Namaste” Too!

outdoor easy seated yoga pose

Current mood: feeling at peace with myself & my skin. This week we’re talking shop on how to keep your skin in tip top shape with yoga.

You might be thinking, “how does this relate to my skin you weirdo” or “omg you’re onto something tell me more” so please, keep reading either way for some awesome enlightenment by your favorites at 2nd KIND. My business partner, Trisha, aka Mom, has just recently gotten her certification in Yoga Teaching (woohoo, congrats!) & in doing so got me thinking, what benefits could yoga have on the skin? I know that regular exercise promotes skin health, so surely yoga has some amazing ones too!

We’ll work from the inside out. How can yoga help my insides? Well mentally, yoga can bring harmony & help cope with stress, which tremendously helps acne & worry-lines. You have no idea how a stress-free hour as many times a week as possible can do wonders. Yoga can also help to increase your blood flow which will give your skin that nice & radiant glow from within! The stimulation of the movement & the balanced out blood flow also helps carry away waste product in the bloodstream, including free radicals. Yoga can also help improve oxygen flow which yields happy results in helping the skin stay plump & aides in cell regeneration.

Externally, yoga can regulate the skin from sweat (for more info read this blog). Sweat can loosen up the pores so a deeper cleanse can happen! The heat from your cheeks can open them up a little more too. There are many drainage massages that you can start working into your beauty routine that will help tone the muscles of the face to make it appear slimmer (due to water & lymphatic drainage in the cheeks & neck).

yoga poses

There are also certain Facial Yoga Exercises that will help keep muscles tight yet relaxed! Watch my favorite ones here. Facial Yoga can also be a great way to put a smile on your beautiful face, you can't help but to laugh at yourself while you do it. :)

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