From Summer No to Summer Glow

When summer time comes around, everyone wants that radiant glow in their skin to say “I just woke up like this.” Obviously, not every day is going to be your skin’s day, there’s times when you don’t get enough sleep or eat the right things & other outside influences that make your skin change. Overall though, your skin is in your control. Here’s a few simple tips that took my skin from Winter Horror-Land to a glow that looks like it came from the sun itself.

  1. Make sure you’re using products with anti-oxidants.

    Anti-oxidants are such an important nutrient to use on your skin to protect from free-radicals & pollution in the air. This prevents from any potential damage that can be done to the skin & any toxins absorbing topically that may cause acne. Pollution can get the heck out of here, especially with Camu Camu + Aloe Vera Serum on your face, they don’t stand a CHANCE! The Vitamin C in Camu Camu gives the best glow when you wake up too, it’s insane.
  2. Get that Vitamin D!

    ! I know not all of us have the luxury to spend all day in the sun (as we all really shouldn’t) but sun is actually such a great way to light your skin up. HUGE DISCLAIMER: Please !!!!!! don’t spend too much time in the sun & WEAR SUNSCREEN! Having protection on your face is KEY to this tip. But spending about a half-hour in the sun once a week majorly helps me get skin that wants to shine.
  3. Hy.dra.tion.

    Y’all. Water is my absolute best friend. As cliché as it is, drinking lots of water puts my skin on something else. Even putting water on my skin helps, it’s like watering a plant. I’ve especially noticed my skin is doing better when I use a water-based toner. I typically use Amethyst + Lavender, the lavender infused water & witch-hazel amazingly hydrate my skin over time. Just a few sprays a day keeps the dryness away!

Everyone has different skin, so my tips may not be best for you but there are so many similar alternatives to what I do that can take your skin from summer no to summer GLOW.


  • Christina Ferguson

    I love the "Hy.dra.tion. " I am 56 years old and am constantly told how beautiful my skin is…of course(ouch)for my age. I don’t buy anti-age products but I am a 8 glasses of water a day type of lady. I do moisturize but with what ever I can find on sale. In the summer I spritz my face with mineral water but I am going to try your combination of lavender and witch-hazel infused water. Thanks for the great tip.

  • joanna ovalle

    great info jack

  • Rachel Hood

    Great tips – Jack

  • Rachel

    Great tips!! I need to drink more water, and get more vitamin D .

  • Jennifer McMillian

    Great information Kevin!

  • Carrie Capehart Jack

    I need vitamin D

  • Jack

    I just commented and realized..duh..Jack or Kevin lol.

  • June Minard

    I agree, hydration, lack of Vit D is a big problem these days, and antioxidants are a must. A bit of vitamin C, grapeseed oil, rosehip w/ vitamin K and Arnica are great as well. Reducing redness, under eye circles, and antioxidant action. Love your line of products!♡♡♡

  • Angela

    really interesting info, i am always looking for more tips and ideas to improve the look and feel and of my skin.

  • Emily Marker

    Good to know!

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