Do you Double Cleanse?


Cleanse once go me, cleanse twice yay for my skin!! This week we’re covering double cleansing & why it’s so great & why you need to start doing it ASAPPP. Your routine is definitely missing this & it could take your skin to a whole new level. This method is one of my favorites to get my skin back on track quickly (in conjunction with a bomb routine) so I hope you guys give this a try!

 Cleansing is one of, if not, THE most important steps of your skincare routine. We estheticians joke all the time "Did you wash your face? If not I WILL KNOW" but it's no joke babies! I do know!! Because honestly, if you're not cleansing properly, then what's the point of investing in the rest of your routine? (I'll let you in on a secret, there is none). Making sure that your pores are clean & provided with the best nutrients is so vital because the rest of your routine needs a clear way onto & into your skin!

Let’s start with what it’s about. What is double cleansing? Well, the name itself is pretty self-explanatory, but it's when you wash your face twice in a row with two different products. The first cleanse is purposed to remove the debris & wash us of our skin sins. The second is to get a deeper & more beneficial cleanse that will give your skin what it needs. 

So now you're probably asking, "Won't cleansing too much damage my skin?" This is where you need to be careful. Cleansing with the wrong products too much can be detrimental to your skin & strip down the protective layer, so getting to know your skin is going to be very helpful in knowing what products to use. Getting a skin consultation can also be an easier way to figure out your skin type & needs to get to your skin goals. Buuuuuut, cleansing with products that work with your skin will only help! Good quality cleansers are made with other nurturing ingredients that not only cleanse but they also have other purposes like providing anti-oxidants, clearing your skin, hydrating & more. 

Now the good part. How do we do this?? What do I use?? How often should I double down??

To begin, we will go into how to do this & more about the two steps.

First Cleanse: Dampen the face with warm water & put your correct amount of cleanser in your hands to commence #1. Wash all make-up, nasty grime & such down the drain! Now instead of patting your face dry, take a damp & warm washcloth & cover your face (still breathable) until the cloth cools down to open the pores for our second cleanse. This first cleanse is for removing everything from the surface, stimulating the skin for blood flow, & relax the muscles.

Second Cleanse: Repeat the first cleanse with a different cleanser. Using upward, circular motions, work it into the skin focusing on your problem areas. Common areas that break out on the face are the nose, forehead, & jawline. once your done rinse your face, then pat your skin dry, & voila! My favorite reason for this second round? Remember us opening our pores in the first cleanse? Since our pores were opened, this cleanse is able to go deeper into the layers of the skin & performance ingredients are able to be the effective hero to clearing & brightening your skin.

2nd KIND Cleansers

The first cleanser should be effective in getting most/all of the dirt & debris off your skin. I personally love using a foaming cleanser or cleansing oil. (TIP: most foaming cleansers can strip natural oils if used every day so try to alternate out your cleansers for better results!) Cleansing oils are my recommendation just because they're way more gentle & just as effective! Daily use of cleansing oils will not harm your skin. The second cleanser in this 2-stepper should be something that will deeply cleanse like a light exfoliant or clay cleanser. A light exfoliant would essentially be best for those double cleansing less often which I'll explain more in a minute. Clay cleansers are my go-to for the second cleanse because they penetrate deeper into the skin & hydrate at the same time! 

As for how often you should do this, it's very dependent on your skin type, lifestyle & environment. Being in tune with your skin will help determine how often you should double cleanse. People with oily skin, combo skin, who wear more makeup, & are around more pollution may need to do this daily. Dry & sensitive skin types, those who wear less makeup & are around less pollution might want to do this closer to 1-2x per week.

& that's that on double cleansing.

Now go my little caterpillars & start working your skin into the beautiful butterfly I know it can be!!!

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  • Hannah

    I tend to use a toner after cleansing to remove any leftover residue and oils, and sometimes switch it up with an exfoliating scrub – but I hadn’t thought of using two different cleansers!

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