How I Use Crystals

Hey guys! So I thought I would start our blog with a little bit of knowledge. I really want to talk about crystals and what they can do to heal your aura and help your skin. Crystals have soooo many benefits, and while a lot of people say that crystals are so "hippy-ish" and a bunch of hooey, they are great for so many things.

To start, I'll let you know how I use crystals. I'm honestly a very superstitious person, so I turn to higher powers to help comfort me in my decision-making. I have a small area where I have my crystals lined up next to my bed so they're always near me at least to harness their energies. When I need a little extra love or whatever that stone's property is, I'll hold on to it while I meditate. So many people ask me how I'm so chilled out & not stressed with everything I have going on, & I can honestly say it's because of meditation & putting my intentions into crystals. Every week, I also make sure to set aside some time to myself & I'll have a night where I do a small spa/pamper night & take a bubble bath with a face mask & a few treats. This is so simple but makes such a huge difference in how I handle my stress.

That being said, I want to introduce the 4 crystals that we have infused to our Crystal Infused Line

The first one is the Amethyst stone. This is such a great stone to have for all kinds of intentions. Amethyst aides meditation by calming & soothing an overactive mind. Thought to be a protective stone, this stone helps control & reduce the negativity of stress & anxiety. 

The second is the Black Obsidian stone. Formed from molten lava, Black Obsidian solidifies as a glossy crystal. Known to be one of the most powerful crystals, this warrior of truth crystal is believed to help remove negativity & to re-balance energy.

The third stone, my favorite, is the Celestite stone. Not only is it gorgeous, but it's main quality is to soothe. Meant to connect you with a higher state of being, the heavenly blue Celestite crystal lifts your mood & purifies your heart. This beautiful crystal brings you a tranquil & calm energy.

The final stone is Kyanite. Kyanite is known to be an exceptional manifesting stone. This beautiful opaque blue crystal transfers energy very quickly. It removes blockage & negativity, allowing the good vibes to flow within your energy.

Having all of these stones are so great to create a mellow & tranquil energy for yourself. Something I highly recommend everyone invests in!

(image via @crystalsnewzealand on Instagram)


  • joanna ovalle

    nice article

  • Lindsay A.

    I have amethyst and black obsidian eggs, & other crystals! Out of this list, I’d love to add a Celestite piece – they are so beautiful! <3

  • Rachel Hood

    OMG!! I need all these Crystals!! I have really bad anxiety, my mind runs non stop.. And of course suffer with insomnia due to my mind staying in overdrive..

  • Carrie Capehart


  • Jennifer McMillian

    I have never usef crystals before but I am interested in trying them.

  • June Minard

    I love the beauty of crystals, the many colors and how they are formed. I love your choices of crystals and why you chose them. They say the best gifts are those made by hand with love. The fact that you added your positive energy through use of crystals speaks to your love of your product. Applause!

  • Emily Marker

    I actually just bought my first crystals: Amethyst and Lapis Lazuli. So a great read!

  • Rebecca Foughty

    I just recently got a bunch of crystals . I love them.

  • Maria Vega López López

    Me parece muy interesante el saber tratar con este material el cristal desconocía esta técnica y me parece muy interesante gracias por la información siempre se aprende algo nuevo y más si es para mejorar nuestro bienestar gracias

  • Kristen H.

    Thanks for writing this blog post and making people who read it aware of how you use crystals. I’ve never used crystals before, but am definitely more interested in using them as a result of having read this post.

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