5 Tips to Beat the Winter Weather

While most of us adore the appearance of fluffy white snow cascading through the skies, there are some significant down sides to the chilly winter months. The cold weather takes a harsh toll on our skin, whether you realize it or not. Here, we’ve come up with 5 essential tips for keeping your skin looking as great as ever & beating winter weather!

1. STAY HYDRATED: Hydration is key during the winter because the skin dries out easily due to the cold weather. You can combat this by using a moisturizer or serum that retains the moisture your skin desperately needs. Make sure to drink plenty of water as well.
2. EXFOLIATE: Exfoliation will remove the dead and dry flakes from the surface of your skin. BUT! Be sure to only do this 1-3xa week because over exfoliating can damage the skin.
3. KEEP UP WITH THE SUNSCREEN: Even though it’s often cloudy on winter days, UV rays still break through the clouds & can damage the skin just like on a hot summer day. Just because you can’t see The Sun doesn’t mean it isn’t there! Protect your skin with some SPF.
4. SKIP THE FOAMING CLEANSER: Foaming cleansers will strip all of the oils from your skin- even the good ones! Since the winter has already dried out our skin it’s important we retain our healthy oils that hydrate it. Try switching to a clay cleanser (like our Brazilian Clay + Lavender) or a milk-based cleanser to nourish the oils we want to keep instead of kicking them out.
5. FACE MISTS ARE YOUR FRIEND: Face mists are great not only poolside to cool off, but during the winter it can topically replace lost moisture. It’ll give your skin a nice boost in moisture and give you a gorgeous glow.

Make sure to give these tips a go and let us know how they treat you. It’s so important to take care of your skin year-round. Stay warm ladies & gents!



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